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Orbital Weld Specialists

When it comes to welding, TIG Stainless Inc. does it best. Since 1983, we at TIG have been producing high quality stainless steel tube welding that has earned us an enviable reputation throughout the industry. TIG weld technicians receive ongoing training and continuous updates on new tooling and technology. In the beginning, all welding was done by hand and, at the time, this was acceptable. However, with the advent of good quality PLC driven orbital weld heads, the need for hand welding has become very limited. We use ARC machine weld heads and power sources (AMI), which we consider to be the benchmark in the orbital weld field. Why use old, unreliable methods and equipment when you can have the best? Simply put: use the best to obtain the best.

Not Just Welding

At TIG Stainless, we offer a wide variety of services to accommodate the pharmaceutical, biotech, semi-conductor and food and beverage industries. For each of these industries, we supply valves, fittings, pumps and tubing. We also supply tanks, flow panels, custom frames, valve groups and almost any stainless item needed to complete your system. TIG Stainless provides engineering complete with on-site project management; in fact, field installation is one of our specialties.


Dedication to Quality

The above left photo shows the size of some of the welding that we do.  It is a half inch electroplated tube weld, cut away to show there is no colour in the heat affect zone, full penetration, and no irregularity in the weld bead.  This weld was a coupon for the biotech industry.  The photo on the right shows a typical flow panel for the food industry.  TIG understands the important part welding plays on the outcome of pure clean product from food to pharmaceuticals, and we do everything possible to ensure stellar results. 

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